NOIZUNZURI / Hoyo (1985)


Reissue of NOIZUNZURI's 1st album (LP) released from TELEGRAPH RECORDS in 1985.
Including guest vocal Jun Togawa (very famous female artist in Japan nowadays).

Very early TABATA (age 19-22) before Boredoms plays guitar in this band.
NOIZUNZURI was very strange avant-garde pop band even in Japan.

((( Tabata's old band, Noizunzuri's first album "Hoyo" )))
Digital remaster CD available on 19th January 2011 from Disk Union's Super Fuji Disc.
It was recorded in summer of 1985. Tabata was 19 years old.
Noizunzuri was an avant-gard rock band in Kyoto that plays their own interpretations of
Japanese traditional folk songs and noh music.


NOIZUNZURI / Hoyo (1985)

label : SUPER FUJI DISCS (Japan)
format : CD [FJSP-122]
release : 19 Jan 2011

nue side
1. Ai (love) 1:26
2. Figure & Ground 5:39
3. Lullaby (Cicada's pleasure) 1:59
4. Nankin Kuzushi 3:35
5. Koi no Kazoeuta (Counting song of love) 5:05

kirin side
1. Sansaiodori 4:17
2. Kinnyamonya 3:29
3. Dontaku Bayashi 2:55
4. Yosakoi Noizuodori 3:17
5. Love Tombstone 4:39


Musicians :

INDORI IGAMI (sing & vocal)
FUKUDA Ken (big voice, bass, keyboad)
KAWAKAMI Takumi (small voice, drums)
TABATA M (strange voice, guitar)
OKUTA (voice, guitar, percussions)
TOGAWA Jun (beautiful voice, snare)




INDIES BOUND was the cassette book issued from EURASIA co., in 1997.
This is the special reissue CDR only for NOIZUNZURI costomers of TABATA SHOP .
Collection of NOIZUNZURI live in 1984-1985.

2394 JPY