NOIZUNZURI / Ningen wa kane no tameni shineruka - Wish you are here (1987)


Reissue of NOIZUNZURI's 2nd album (LP) released from DIW in 1987.

Very early TABATA (age 19-22) before Boredoms plays guitar in this band.
NOIZUNZURI was very strange avant-garde pop band even in Japan.

(((Tabata's old band, Noizunzuri's second album "Wish You Are Here")))
Original Recording Remastered CD available on 19th January 2011 from Disk Union's Super Fuji Disc.
English title was named exactly same as Pink Floyd album at the beginning
but the mistake of English by members happened.
It was recorded in October 1986. Tabata was 20 years old.
Noizunzuri was an avant-gard rock band in Kyoto that plays their own interpretations
of Japanese traditional folk songs and noh music.

NOIZUNZURI / Ningen wa kane no tameni shineruka - Wish you are here (1987)

label : SUPER FUJI DISCS (Japan)
format : CD [FJSP-123]
release : 19 Jan 2011

A-1. Dancing of toshiyori 1:34
A-2. Dancing of hatahata 3:03
A-3. Dancing of batabata 3:10
A-4. Dancing of mucchira mocchira 3:16
A-5. Dancing of pappa 1:25
A-6. Dancing of nuranura 4:05
A-7. Dancing of numenume 3:39
A-8. Dancing of huu 6:00

B-1. Dancing off (song of a goose) 4:11
B-2. Dancing of arigataya 2:01
B-3. Ushi no shinsetsu (kindness of cow) 5:56
B-4. Dancing of nanjaisanjai 4:14
B-5. Dancing of horohoro 2:43
B-6. Dancing of sondeko 3:38

Musicians :

FUKUDA Ken (bass)
WANISUKI Goro (sax)
TABATA M (guitar)
Margaret Sagane (drums)

Noizunzuri's chorus girls
Inoue Mika + Kawashima Chisa + Nagai Kiyoko

1944 JPY